It is a body for reflection and proposals in terms of valuation policy. It is made up of the management committee and 13 members from the professional world: 5 technical departments (DG-BGTH, DGGR, DGRE, DG-ACTA / D Sols, DGPA), 1 operational observatory (ONAGRI), 2 technical institutes (CTA, INGC), 2 regional offices for agricultural development (CRDA Kairouan, CRDA Nabeul), 2 manufacturers (NGI-MAGHREB, SMVDA TUSALCO) and 1 development agency (AFD). Its mission is to contribute to the post-ante and ex-ante analysis of management methods, to specify the needs of end users and intermediaries, to propose research orientations in line with the priorities defined by the national agricultural policy in Tunisia, and to co-construct with LMI researchers the innovations that meet the needs.