Axis 3 training

Actions in detail

Action I: Lebna Field School

Fethi Lachaal (CERTE), Olivier GRÜNBERGER et Radhouane HAMDI (LISAH/ IRD), Amor BEN MOUSSA et Lamia KOUZANA (ISSTE, Borj Cedria), Rim ZITOUNA-CHEBBI (INRGREF), Christian LEDUC (G-Eau/IRD)

The field school consists of diagnosing water resources problems and the importance of aquifer recharge in the context of integrated management in the Lebna basin. The objective of the organization of the field school is to help students to familiarize themselves with and to reinforce field practice relating in particular to observations, field validation and hydrological and hydrogeological measurements and sampling. It also involves addressing the main sampling, pre-processing and data analysis tools.

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Other Actions
R training organized as part of the LMi NAILA training activities and conducted over 3 days in May 2017 by INRGREF (Rim Zitouna and Manel Marniche) for students in research master ENIT / Medjez el Bab higher school
Training in Modeling tools for the sustainable management of groundwater by ENIT during the CTH workshop in 10/2017.
Field school took place at the Institut des Régions Arides in May 2017. The field school was organized by Pascal Podwojewski and had the following themes: "Measurements of infiltration and humidity in the sandy soils of olive groves in southern Tunisia" .
CARTHAQUA field school in 02/2019 organized by MUSE / WATERS and PACTE with support from LMI NAILA.